AQ2 The Next Generation Dirty Harry
Small issue - posted by Deathwatch on Fri 03 August 2001 17:47:41
There is an issue with one of the included location files with TNG. The location file for Teamjungle is in an incorrect format and will crash a server if used.

We've uploaded a fixed version to our server, which can be found in the downloads section. All the packs for Win32 and Linux will be updated with the corrected file as well.
Updated Neville - posted by Deathwatch on Wed 01 August 2001 20:37:02
Short notice to say that Neville has been updated on this site.
Slight Config Fix - posted by Deathwatch on Tue 31 July 2001 22:42:04
Thanks to [TNC]Phil, a small mistake in the included config voting configs was found: by accident, I used configlist "config/configlist.ini" in stead of configlistname "config/configlist.ini".

A zip with the updated configs can be found in the Downloads section. All packages will also be updated.
Linux Beta released - posted by Deathwatch on Mon 30 July 2001 23:42:00
We've released the Linux version of our beta. Enjoy.
Gah - posted by Deathwatch on Sat 28 July 2001 20:43:16
Due to a mistake, I accidentally packed some files twice with the release of the beta, so the size was about 1mb more than expected. It's fixed now tho (I hope).

Also fixed is a small bug with the choose command (thanks Grim and ICE-M for helping me test that). So if you had already downloaded the beta and it was 4mb or so, just dl it again (should be 2,9mb now)

Sorry for the inconvineance.
First Beta Release - posted by Deathwatch on Fri 27 July 2001 02:14:37
We have released the first public BETA of TNG. At the moment only the Win32 version is available, but the linux version should be available soon as well.

As said, it is a beta release, that means that there still might be some issues remaining with this version, but finding them requires lots of testing and input from server operators. So if you encounter a bug (especially if you can recreate it), please contact us.
Beta Release - posted by Deathwatch on Fri 29 June 2001 15:05:39
Welcome to the site of the Action Quake 2 mod The Next Generation.

This mod is a combination of Action Quake 2: Edition, which was maintained by Igor, Action Quake 2: Millennium, maintained by Slicer and Deathwatch, and JBravo's Edition, maintained by JBravo.

Of all these mods, the best features were added and all bugs that were found were squashed.

After months of development and testing, we will be ready for a beta release very soon. Because it will be a beta release, we would like to have the server ops to report us any crashes/bugs/etc that might appear.

Clients can already download the Client Pak, which can be found in the Downloads section. This client pak has the lowlag sounds, the CTF skins and models, the kevlar helmet model and the announcer sounds.

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