AQ2 The Next Generation Dirty Harry
2.1 soon - posted by Deathwatch on Fri 31 August 2001 23:58:36
We released 2.1 internally, and I'm fixing any mistakes in the configs/docs/support files. Once done, and jbravo compiles the .so, I'll put it online (probably will do this tomorrow)
Tourney.ini - posted by Deathwatch on Sun 26 August 2001 16:02:04

we have had several reports of people trying the linux 2.0b3 of TNG that the included tourney.ini has been corrupted. We'll fix this when we release our next version. For now, just download the win32 or older version of the package to get the tourney.ini.

Sorry for any trouble this caused.
Userinfo Woes - posted by Deathwatch on Thu 16 August 2001 15:44:34
With the new BW-Admin and Q2 Admin, there may be userinfo overflows when all the checks are used.

When this happens, a client will get the following message when trying to join:
Connecting to localhost...
loopback: challenge
loopback: print
Connection refused.

When this happens, just change your name in the console or set a password (even if the server doesn't use one), which should fix things.

We're looking into this to see if it can be fixed, however not much information is available on the way userinfo works, so if anyone has any experience with this, feel free to contact us.
IRC - posted by Deathwatch on Wed 15 August 2001 21:59:13
For those that wish to contact any of the TNG team on IRC, go to Quakenet and join, you'll most likely find some of us there.
Beta 3 - posted by Deathwatch on Wed 15 August 2001 19:17:55
The 3rd beta has been released and is available for download. The linux version won't be available until JBravo gets back and gets the linux package ready tho.

b3 later today - posted by Deathwatch on Wed 15 August 2001 13:27:09
If everything goes ok, we'll be releasing our 3rd beta later today. This will fix an issue with the weapon command and add some more flood protection.
TNG Mailing List - posted by Deathwatch on Wed 08 August 2001 17:38:06
JBravo created a mailinglist for those people who wish to contact the TNG team, give suggestions, etc. To subscribe, do the following:
send an email to containing (in body) "subscribe tng"

If you have any bugs to report, email:
TNG Beta 2 - posted by Deathwatch on Wed 08 August 2001 17:21:05
We released the 2nd beta of TNG. This offers the following:
From 2.0b1
+ Invunerability for CTF to prevent spawn camping
+ Teamkilling after a round ends
+ New IR Vision
* Fixed a bug where teams wouldn't get reset after a mapchange during CTF
- Fixed %K to report kills made when you make someone crater
- Fixed a reload bug with the sniper rifle

Head over to the Downloads section for the downloads. :)
Location and Flag Files (part 2) - posted by Deathwatch on Sat 04 August 2001 01:32:53
I've put up two dirs in our files section for Location and Flag Files. I'll put any submissions there. :)
Location (aqg) and Flag (flg) Files - posted by Deathwatch on Sat 04 August 2001 00:48:28
We've had several questions about how to create Location Files (the .aqg files in the /action/tng dir) and Flag Files (the .flg files in the /action/tng dir) for the use on servers.

The location files we use are those created for Action:ML by Mike using the Location code provided by Elvis from TeamDM and ACP. Because most AQ2 mods nowadays use the ML location files, we'd like to refer to the ML page for more information on how to create them. It's really easy when you use ML's build-in functions for it.

Flag Files are different. They are the files which hold the coordinates for the flags in CTF for maps which don't have native CTF support. These are created in a simple way which is described in the FAQ section.

If you got any Location or Flag files, you can mail them to me ( Ofcourse, don't forget to send the location files you create to Mike, the Action:ML creator as well. :)

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