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New Member - posted by Deathwatch on Sat 12 January 2002 17:39:18
We would like to welcome Elviz from TeamDM and ACP fame to the TNG team.
Traffic - posted by Deathwatch on Wed 02 January 2002 17:31:16
well, it seems that out site got crippled due to massive (heh) traffic. Anyways, to sort this problem, we have disabled the downloads from the website, and made the 2.5 files only available from the BW FTP.
Oops :) - posted by Deathwatch on Sat 29 December 2001 02:27:24
Thanks to raziel, one minor bug has been fixed with the handcannon when hc_single was 0. (default is 1) All the zips and tars have been updated with this.
TNG 2.5 Released - posted by Deathwatch on Fri 28 December 2001 01:05:24
After quite some time, here is our long awaited 2.5 version. :)

Lots of fixes and several new things have been added. For clients, only one thing has really changed. A sound in /sound/misc/ called flashlight.wav which is required for darkmatch.

Anyways, below is the list of the changes:
(legend: + new feature, * major bug fix, - minor bug fix)
+ Added Darkmatch
+ Added sv softmap and sv map_restart commands
+ Added use_punch
+ Added statistics and 'stats' command
+ Added gl_clear checking toggle
+ Added serverinfo variables for team scores
+ Added matchmode variables for talking (mm_forceteamtalk) and updated the admin handling
+ Added 'time' and 'roundtimeleft'
+ Added prules.ini
* Adjusted matchmode time
* Fixed matchmode roundtimelimit bug
* Fixed spawn code to prevent spawning twice in one spot
* Fixed the config voting to reset after map change
* Fixed weapon and item banning
- Unlatched wpn_flag, itm_flag, rrot and vrot to allow them to be changed during the game in stead after a map restart
- Announcer can be turned off completely now with use_warnings 0 and use_rewards 0

The files can be downloaded from our files section, or from the BarrysWorld FTP.

If there are any problems with the release, we can be contacted on IRC ( on QuakeNet or through email at or

Enjoy the release.

PS: the rest of the page will be updated in the near future.
File Mirrors - posted by Deathwatch on Fri 19 October 2001 13:36:00
The TNG files have been mirrored on the BW FTP ( which should fix any issues people have had with corrupted zip files, etc. :)

You can find TNG in the /pub/games/quake2/mods/action/ section.
LTK Feedback - posted by ReKTeK on Mon 08 October 2001 05:15:04
I want to thank everyone for their support.

I especially want to thank the TNG team, Josef Jahn (Author of NewLTK) and Bob Szymansky for some insight and good suggestions for the future LTK & TNG.

LTK won't get released until next year. I won't have much time to work on the code in the next few months. I'll be finishing my eBusiness studies hopefully by the end of this year, so I'll be busy with exams. I'll give you a progress report every few weeks to let you know how the project is going.

If you have any good ideas which you think might make TNG even better, email me or any member of the TNG team.

Remember, if you want to meet us, come to...
Upcoming bot support - posted by ReKTeK on Tue 02 October 2001 09:53:13
I'm new to the TNG team, and I'm here to bring even more features to Action Quake2.

The Bot
I've decided to work with the LTK bot, because it has the freedom to think for itself and the original programmer Riever had a solid foundation when it came to designing and creating computer AI.

LTK was really designed for standalone machines, for players who wanted to play offline. We are changing LTK into a server-side bot which hopefully will in the future will be able to be more human and play CTF and all the other modes and features TNG will dish out :)

Features - LTK Version 7.3 (unreleased)
* Bot Multiplayer [Working]
* Bot Strafe jumping [Mostly when in combat]
* Bot Wall detection and avoidance [Needs improving]
* Bot Node pathing system [Needs improving]
* Bot Guided weapon use and tactics [Working]
* Bot Smart bandaging [Working]
* Bot Tweaked jumping when on high ground [Needs improving]
* Bot Movement has increase [Working]
* Bot Respawning [Working]
* Bot Aiming changed, much smoother aiming [Working]
* Bot Dont attack players function - Free frags anyone? [Working]
* Bot Smart weapon choice [Working]
* Bot Weapon maximum distance variables [Working]
* Player Respawning via "cmd revive" [Working]
* World Randomised teamplay respawn spots [Working]
* World World Spawn Distance variable [Working]
* World Added new route files [Working]
* World Talk [Not working]
* World Team chat [Partly working]

- The LTK code is based on AQ:Edition 1.24 (Thanks to Josef Jahn).
- There are still a few nasty bugs LTK has, which I'm trying to find and fix.
- As soon as the code is stable, we'll start porting it into TNG.

Riever's LTK

Dronebot (Some of the code in LTK looks to be from Dronebot)

Josef Jahn's NewLTK

To keep you all updated - posted by Deathwatch on Tue 25 September 2001 16:39:54
Heyas, it has been some time since we posted something here. To keep you informed of what we're working on, here is a list of things we'll include in our next release, which we hopefully will have soon:
  • Darkmatch
  • More matchmode things
  • Several bugfixes
  • Fix some documentation/spelling mistakes

    Our next release will be aimed at improving the things we got. After that we might release another version with more features.
  • 2.1 - posted by Deathwatch on Tue 04 September 2001 16:39:46
    We released 2.1 :)
    Hmm - posted by Deathwatch on Mon 03 September 2001 14:28:13
    Due to being busy with school, and now being ill, I haven't had the time to update the package for 2.1 yet, sorry. I'll do it as soon as possible.

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