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TNG 2.71 Released - posted by Deathwatch on Fri 12 April 2002 01:09:38
We have released TNG 2.71, which fixes the spawning bug with the new spawn code and the bandolier grenade issue. Also there have been some changes to the stats code to show the kevlar items as hit locations. :)

Have fun with it!
Spawning - posted by Deathwatch on Tue 02 April 2002 23:02:55
A few people have noticed a slight bug in our new spawning code which causes teams to actually spawn at the same spawn on rare occassions. This has been fixed and currently is being tested. Once the tests are ok, we'll be releasing TNG 2.71 to address this issue.
Forum - posted by Deathwatch on Fri 29 March 2002 11:37:12
We finally have a forum. :)
TNG 2.7 Released - posted by Deathwatch on Thu 28 March 2002 22:08:14
TNG 2.7 has just been released. This release is mainly a bug fix, but does offer a few new features. Here is the list of changes:
+ = new feature
- = bug fix
* = major bug fix

From 2.6
+ Added use_ghosts cvar and the ghost user command
+ Added a new spawning system (use_oldspawns) which avoids
+ Added locking/unlocking option for captains in matchmode (mm_allowlock)
* Fixed some things that could cause overflows
- Fixed a small bug when doing a softmap during LCA
- Fixed a typo in the stats
- Fixed a slight issue with stats_mode

Head over to our downloads section to get it. This release does not require any new client files.

Have fun with it!
RCON Exploit Fix - posted by Deathwatch on Thu 28 March 2002 02:25:45
Over the past few days, many (A)Q2 servers have fallen victim to a bug in the Quake2 server code. This bug can be exploited by using a modified Quake2 client and can be used to get the value of any cvar on the server, including the rcon_password.

The fix for this problem is simple. Get the 3.21 source and change line 481 in sv_users.c and then compile it:
Cmd_TokenizeString (s, true);
Cmd_TokenizeString (s, false);
(thanks to Redix for posting this on the Quake Standards Group forums)

To make things easier for server admins, we have made the server binaries and source available for download from the BarrysWorld FTP.

Here are the files:
Linux Binary
Win32 Binary
Quake 2 3.21 Source + fix
(the binary packages only include the executables)
Serverlist updated - posted by Deathwatch on Mon 25 March 2002 09:05:38

I've updated the serverlist. I know it's still kinda hard to read, but still. :)

Work continues on the next version of TNG, which will have several bug fixes and perhaps some new features too. :)


TNG 2.6 Released - posted by Deathwatch on Wed 06 March 2002 14:12:20
With the FTP problems solved, we are glad to announce that we finally have released TNG 2.6

This release is mainly a bug fix, but also has some new features. Below is a list of all the changes:

+ = new feature
- = bug fix
* = major bug fix

From 2.5
+ 'stats list' shows average accuracy for each player including player ID
+ Stats command followed by player ID will display someone else's stats
+ auto_join toggle for forced joins to the team players were on last map
+ auto_equip toggle for forced weapons from last map on players
+ stats_mode user variable which automaticly sends stats to players at round/map end
+ Updated Stats Code
+ Showing health icon on screen when bandaging (thanks to Dome)
+ Added %P for last damaged player
+ Automatic recording of demos added (autorecord command)
* TNG now accepts MS formatting on .agq files
* Fixed invdrop weapon farming in any teamplay mode
* Toggle for the Statistics screen when a map ends (stats_endmap)
* Toggle to record stats between rounds (stats_afterround)
- Fixed ff_afterround
- In matchmode, the forcing of say_team in mm_forceteamtalk 2 wont be off if a team unreadies during a round
- Fixed newline problem with announcer (IMPRESSIVE.. 1 FRAG LEFT)
- Fixed scoreboard alignment for after game scoreboard
- Fixed FPM counter
- CTF, fixed dropping players out of teams at the end of a map
- CTF, fixed players getting legdamage while Shield is on
- Changes %D to show hits in Kevlar Vest and Kevlar Helmet
- Fixed a small bug which allowed people to deny kills by typing 'team none'
- Fixed a small bug with the HC in hc_single 0 mode
- Reset some variables to original values
- Fixed bug where rrot would override sv softmap
- Fixed rrot selecting same level again
- Made rrot a bit more random
- Updated Credits menu

Work now continues on the next TNG version, which will have some more matchmode enhancements.
FTP Problems - posted by Deathwatch on Wed 06 March 2002 12:09:46
Due to the BarrysWorld FTP having crashed last weekend, the TNG files on it have been lost. Also, thanks to this, we haven't released TNG 2.6 yet.

However, once things are sorted out, we'll put the files back onto their FTP and update the links.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
M4 - posted by Deathwatch on Mon 28 January 2002 21:05:49
We've had some people asking if we changed the M4 in TNG, also heard that people said that it changed, but we'd like to assure you all that the M4 hasn't been changed at all.
Update - posted by Deathwatch on Thu 24 January 2002 03:15:23

a short update on the work going on:
  • We're working on TNG 2.6, which mainly is a bug fix update for 2.5
  • Elviz has been working on his game binary checker, an anti-cheat proxy system.
  • Work has also started on a quake 2 client/server that will go together with the proxy. The client won't have many fancy new features, but will offer anti-cheat features.
  • Freud joins the TNG team. He has been helping out TNG a lot recently.

    That's all for now. Have fun.

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