AQ2 The Next Generation Dirty Harry

The current development of AQ2-TNG is done outside of the project and can be accessed at It contains all CVS history from sourceforge and is currently going towards 2.9 release.
- hifi @ 2010-07-25 (2010 and still kickin'!), the only developer left (you can find me at IRC)

Online Configurator Updated - posted by Igor[Rock] on Mon 14 February 2011 16:46:23
Yes, it's me, Igor[Rock] and still alive and kicking. ;-)

I just realized that the config generator wasn't working any more (because of some changes in the PHP configuration at SourceForge some time ago), so I just fixed it. It should be working fine again, but I haven't add anything new, which means that the options are still for version 2.8 - they may work with later releases, but you will have to check that by yourself.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Cheers, Igor[Rock]

TNG client & server pak updated - posted by Igor[Rock] on Sun 10 October 2004 02:51:17
Ever wondered why the TNG sounds were so shitty (like someone drugged sitting in a trashbin)? That's because whoever created the client pak 1.5 some time ago used sounds which weren't approved or wanted by the team. Since I only use the CVS for my own installation I didn't realize that till now. He added some graphics as well (a picture of Saddam Hussein). This won't happen again, I'll check EVERY release if it's conform to the CVS from now on. Sorry for the inconvenience. I've uploaded a new server archive as well, so if you plan to run a server, you should download that archive instead (you'll need the 2.81 Bug Fix release as well).
New Bug Fix Version Released - posted by Igor[Rock] on Sat 9 October 2004 06:18:37
Since it takes longer than thought to implement the additional features for 2.9, slicer released a bug fix version 2.81. You can find it at SourceForge, as usual.
New version to come - posted by Igor[Rock] on Tue 9 December 2003 05:17:34
It has been some time till the last update, and some smaller annoying things added one to another, so I think it's time to update the actual version.

There will be some smaller bugfixes/improvements, but no "big" ones.

I think it should be possible to release the new version 2.9 this year. It will be a server side only update.

So stay tuned! :-)

New Version Released - posted by Igor[Rock] on Thu 19 June 2003 19:12:47
It's done! We released the new 2.8 server side update!
With the new IRC client on board, you are able to let all people on IRC "watch" what is happening on your server. Be sure to get your copy today ;-)

Since we moved to, you can download the new release from any sourceforge mirror.


Moved to SourceForge - posted by Igor[Rock] on Sat 14 June 2003 18:23:27
We finally made it and moved to SourceForge. As you can see, the website itself is already here, and we hope to add the complete CVS very soon (so you can download the source code of AQ2 TNG again, as you could do with the PG Bund Edition before).
I know it took a long time to get here, but you can believe me when I say it wasn't simple to get here. When the TNG team joined together to create a new AQ2 variant (based on the Edition and Millenium), we have had long discussions about the date when we should release the source code. I was overvoted.
So eventually we're going to release it now (and just two years late in my opinion :-)

Stay tuned for more updates,

Scorescript - posted by Deathwatch on Tue 08 April 2003 22:55:38
By popular request, I put my scorescript in the downloads section. The TNG team (or myself in particular) will not provide support for this.
Bug Fix Released - posted by Deathwatch on Tue 25 March 2003 21:34:04
After a long time of no news, we have released a bugfix version (2.72) of TNG. This fixes the grenade farming bug as well as several others.

The release is just the server binary (DLL or SO files) and is only for server admins. This release can be found in the Downloads section.

Also, a new Location file has been added for the map ferron. (sorry for the long delay on adding this)
FTP Updated - posted by Deathwatch on Sat 07 September 2002 19:54:13
The links to the FTP site have been updated to BW's free ftp. (
Download Problems - posted by Deathwatch on Tue 23 July 2002 13:40:57
We are aware that there are problems when trying to download the TNG files. This is because the BarrysWorld FTP requires you to be logged into their membership system. This is annoying but at the moment it cannot be avoided.

You can sign up for membership, which is free, at BarrysWorld.

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