How do I punch people?
In the game, you can use the Punch command to punch people. You will have to bind it to a key to use it.

Bring down the console (usually with the ` key) and type:
bind KEY punch

KEY = the key you want to use for punching.

How do I make my own config for Config Voting?
Make a config file (.cfg) named mode_yourconfigname.cfg and put that in your action directory. Then edit your configlist.ini and add a line with yourconfigname.

For example:
A config for 3 Teams with Friendly Fire. It's called mode_3teamsff.cfg. Edit the configlist.ini and add a line saying 3teamsff.

How do I select the team skin for CTF?
You don't. Each player will have the correct coloured skin for his model when he joins a team.

For example, if a player joins the red team, and he has his skin variable set to sas/sas-urban, his skin for CTF will be sas/ctb_r.

How do I create FLG files?
This is quite simple.

First on the map, walk to a location where you want the flag and pull down the console. Then type viewpos in the console and it will give you the x, y and z coordinates of where you are standing. Write those down and repeat this process for the 2nd flag.

When you got those, you create a new file and put the following in:
<1 2 3>
<1 2 3>
for example:
<1376 -146 222>
<-858 248 174>
The first set of coordinates are those for the Red Flag and the second set for the Blue one. Make sure you save the file as mapname.flg and put it in the /action/tng directory. Then load up AQ2 and set ctf to 1 and try it on your map.

Wasn't that easy? :)