AQ2:TNG Online Config Generator

Part II: Server Mode Configuration

How to use this page:

Use the form below to choose your desired options. Click on "Download" to get the file send to you or "Show Config" to display the created config in your browser window.

General Settings

Name of the config file to create
Server Name
DMFLAGS No Powerups
Weapons Stay
No Falling Damage
Instant Powerups
Same Map
Teams by Skin
Teams by Model
No Friendly Fire
Spawn Farthest
Force Respawn
No Armor
Allow Exit
Infinite Ammo
Fixed FOV
Nitro Proxy: disable the FPS boosting features
Nitro Proxy: disable weapon modifications
Nitro Proxy: silence the message commands
Nitro Proxy: disable skin overriding
Nitro Proxy: disable filters like fov/kick/blend
Nitro Proxy: enable the secure modified mode
Maplist Filename
INI Filename
Max. # of clients
Map to start with
No Score
No HUD (e.g. for demo recording)
Use time/frags warning messages
Use reward messages
Auto rejoin team after mapchange
Auto reselect weapon and item after mapchange
Display stats when map ends
Display stats when round is over or map ends

Game Mode Settings

For your information:
You can't combine CTF with 3 teams or tourney mode.
You can't combine tourney with 3 teams mode.
Selecting CTF mode will automatically select teamplay mode as well and will turn 3 teams and tourney mode off.
Matchmode disables all other modes and will automatically select teamplay mode as well.

Capture the flag mode
Use 3 Teams mode
Use tourney mode
Match mode
Darkmatch (Lightmode)
Cycling time for darkmatch


Limited Chasecam

Weapon and Item Options

Player starts with all weapons (allweapon)
Number of unique weapons you are able to carry
Allowed Weapons MK23 Pistol
MP5/10 Submachinegun
M4 Assault Rifle
M3 Super 90 Assault Shotgun
Sniper Rifle
Dual MK23 Pistols
Combat Knife
M26 Fragmentation Grenade (only respawn, see tgren)
Player starts with all items (allitem)
Number of unique items you are able to carry
Allowed Items Silencer
Stealth Slippers
Kevlar Vest
Kevlar Helmet
Use Infra Red with bandolier
Use new Infra Red mode
Number of grenades
Default weapon (comes with full ammo and reserve clip)
Single Barreled Handcannon

CTF Settings

Player can drop flag
Player Respawn Time
Player Respawn Invulnerablity Time

Matchmode Settings

Adminpassword ("0" to disable)
Matchadmin can hear teammessages as well
Force talking to teammembers only

Video Checking (Cheat Protection)

Enable Video Checking
Force vid_restart
Check for gl_lockpvs
Check for gl_clear
Check for gl_dynamic
Check Interval
Max gl_modulate value for 3dfx Driver
Max gl_modulate value for 3dfxam Driver
Max gl_modulate value for all other Open-GL Drivers

IRC Settings

IRC Topic Prefix
IRC chattiness (all lower levels are included)